Monday, October 13, 2008

Who needs a passport?

"I see the United States as a force of good... and as Ronald reagan used to talk about America being the beacon for light and hope for those seeing democratic values and tolerance and freedom... that leadership, that light needed across the world"
-- Sarah Palin. A woman who´s running for vice president of America and got her passport last year, nice.

"The way that I have understood the world is through education, through books, through mediums that have provided me.. a lot of perspective on the world"
-- Sarah Palin

How can you preach this when you haven´t even experienced the lifestyle of other countries?
The fact that Palin doesn´t have a passport speaks volumes about her view of the world and Americas place in it.
And sure only 70 million of Americas 300 million people hold a passport, but I would hold any world leader (or candidate) to a higher standard.

What are the americans who plan to vote for her and McCain thinking? Seriously?

You don´t have to be an upper class american to be able to travel the world.
Clearly her view on an american person with a passport is a spoiled brat who just graduated college on his/her way to "backpack" through Europe.
She just seems bitter and narrow minded. And VERY unfit to have any more responsibility than running a summer camp for christian americans.

Maybe if America invested some of their tax dollars into schools that ANYONE with good grades could attend FOR FREE, parents wouldn´t need to save hundreds of thousands of dollars to pressure their kids to college.
Which open doors to travelling and other positive things.


Maggie said...

she just scares me. my mom is super conservative and is constantly defending her to me. i just don't understand it. originally her argument to me was "you just need to listen to her speak! you'll feel differently." then i listened to her speak and it scared me even more. so many people like her because they can relate to her. i don't want someone just like me in office! they better be a whole lot smarter and worldly then i am.

Pierre Wikberg said...

Yeah, I don´t know anyone with common sense who would hire her as a nanny, let alone be vice president on the US.

Anyone who supports her running for vice president should be declared unfit to vote. It´s clear that a lot of people don´t know what´s best for them.This Palin situation is very sad.