Friday, October 10, 2008

Mikkel Bang´s board graphic upsetting parents

So my Mikkel´s board graphic from Burton´s "LOVE" series has a theme for their 2009 line, and the theme is girls.

The two teenagers in charge of the board are Mikkel and his team buddy Keegan Valaika.

Apparently some parents in Vermont (and prolly some others) aren´t too thrilled about having their kids possibly getting a glimpse of a semi naked woman on a snowboard on the chairlift.

CNN video link:

Here are two articles about Mikkel and the matter:

I really don´t see what the big deal is. A pic of legs and a buttcheek on a snowboard? Is that really a problem?
It´s not like your kids can´t see skin online or in the gossip magazines that are located 10 inches from their face at the grocery story.
I´d worry about educating the grown ups in the two clips posted below before I´d worry about this.

God bless.

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Bendik said...

Quite true! But haven't bare skin been a theme on other boards as well? There must be at least four years since Sims launched their Fader series, draped in half-naked models...
I really don't see the problem. People, and especially young kids, get exposed to so much through media that this really ain't worth all fuzz. Let them shred!