Thursday, October 09, 2008

Another clip about Sarah Palin

Comments? I know there are hundred of americans reading this everyday. Statistically 50% of you, or your parents want this woman to be vice president of the USA.
I for one think you have to be an idiot for even considering her as the manager of your local McDonalds, let alone a country.

The United States of America is anything but united. Basically half of the population hates the other half.

I did a super short quiz here that told be I´m a "centrist", but on the left side. It´s pretty funny that I´m on the left side of the political map in the US, but on the right one in Sweden.
So I guess you could say that the swedish right wing is like the left in the US.
Here´s the quiz, takes 45 sec to do:

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