Sunday, October 12, 2008

Creative skating

Found this clip on /
It´s a clip with a skater named Albert Nyberg. I don´t know much about him other than he´s a shop sponsored teenager and the first skater I´ve seen do fs 270 no comply to bs lipslide and fs pop shove it late flip out of a manual.

Here´s the link:

The song is pretty sick too.
Original version
Kleerup Remix, I really like this one.

Other creative skating clips:
Chris Haslam and Daewon Song on a mini-ramp
Chris Haslam and Cooper Wilt - 411 13.2
Chris Haslam - Almost video
Chris Haslam - Momentum Wheels clip
Chris Haslam - Globe Shoes commercial
Chris Haslam - recent Globe podcast
Mark Gonzales - historic montage
Mark Gonzales - Real "Kicked Out of Everywhere"
Mark Gonzales skates in NYC
Mark Gonzales - Real to Reel
Mark Gonzales - Krooked ChroniclesThis is pretty recent part from the Gonz. He´s turning 40 years old next year, in case you were wondering.
Danny Gonzales - TWS The Reason

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