Friday, October 10, 2008

New Dave Mirra clip on the DC Shoes site

The guys over at DC Films put together this piece of Dave. I thought it looked pretty good.
Dave still got it. 34 years old and doing very well for himself from riding a bmx bike.
I wonder what they would say at the unemployment office if he walked up there after retiring when asked what his experience and last years salary was:)

Direct link to this clip and other DC bmx clips here, seems like the embed version has trouble loading:

Me filming Dave at his warehouse.

Me posing on a DC PK Ripper, boy do I want one of those.

More Dave clips:
An afternoon at his warehouse
Triple whip attempt
Dave silver medal run at this years X-Games
Dave jumping a gap jump with a rally car for the first time
Dave at a contest (Dew Tour)

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