Sunday, March 02, 2008

Trip to Stockholm

My friend David turned 31 a few days ago and I made a improv trip down to Stockholm.

Got there late cause the airline delayed us an hour due to some weird situation just before take off..

We had boarding completed at 5.15 pm. At 5.25 they said we´re waiting for some passengers from another airline who´s plane is having technical issues. Then it took another 10-15 min before they open the doors and people started pouring in. So that little situation made us take off at 5.55 pm. Some people were pissed. I would be too if I had a connection flight that I missed due to this very unorthodox second boarding procedure.

Anyway, got to Stockholm late and locked my bags in at the train station. The locked next to me had a late fee of 1440 kronor($220)! That must suck to pay.

The night was pleasant, had some cocktails and stuff, met some familiar faces.
David got a table fan for his birthday.

Here´s David from a week or two ago shooting a commercial on the RED camera. Not a low maintenance camera. Feels like it´s a little premature, the picture is probably top notch. But there are too many hurdles to get the picture. Will probably make a great camera for an indoor production. But not in snow or on the move.

Been walking around the city saying hi to friends and stuff. I was on my way to Gothenburg on Saturday, but it was a little too spendy for a last minute trip.

I found myself and the DC team in the new issue of Transworld Snowboarding. Our trip in May 2007 to Björkliden had a few pages of content and they also did a short interview with me about this and that.

Oh and the older version of Transword Snow had an article about the DC movie premier and a review of it. I just saw that today at a magazine store. Takes a while for an article to make it to the swedish streets. Premier was in mid September and I just read it today, early March. The internet does make sense sometimes... it´s just a hair faster. Except if you have Adelphia in southern California.

Here´s Aaron Biittner´s DC ad for the year. From Björkliden, pretty random. It even says Björkliden in the ad.

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