Monday, March 10, 2008

Doctors and ice hockey.

Went to see some friends in Gothenburg on Saturday with a quick 2 hour trip to Örebro to watch some skating at the Millencolin Open.
Here´s a good run from Mika Edin:

Sat night was fun too. A lot of Skellefteå people and mojitos. But on Friday we were over a dozen Skell-bor in the Stockholm club called "Morfar Ginko". Even three girls form my high school class showed up. Add me, David and Petter B we basically had a reunion.

Going to the doctor now here in Gbg. Just to check up on my tumor stuff, in case something didn´t go well.

I couldn´t upload any pics cause I didn´t bring a cable (why doesn´t cameras have wifi?).

Oh and like the museum rat I am I was so hyped to check out an exhibition of one of Sweden´s most skilled architects Gert Wingårdh. But the museum are closed on Mondays... lame.
Here´s some of his work:

My friend David Benedek had a contest this weekend in Garmisch, Germany. From the photos I´ve seen it looked like a successful event.

Pics from, photo credit Nick Hamilton

Transword has a photo gallery here:

Going to Skellefteå to watch SAIK play the first play off game of the season on Tuesday. That should be a good time.

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