Sunday, February 24, 2008

23 Guinness World Records in one day!

My DC friends Rob & Big broke 23 world records in one day!

I´ve always been a fan of Guinness (not the beer). I´ve collected them for over 20 years and I know quite a few records by heart (I know I´m a nerd).

Some records I remember are:

Longest time spend in a tree.
Longest sleepwalker.
Most siblings born on the same date.
Fastest time solving a Rubik´s cube (blindfolded and with eyes open).
Longest kiss.
Longest kiss in a feature film.
Longest shower.
Longest hole in one, golf.

I could go on and on... but you have fun googeling those.

Then there are the "action sport" ones. The skateboard records have always been kind of a joke and I know I could have broken a few of them. But Rob beat me to it.

I guess I can still beat him at most consecutive ollies. Maybe I should. Would be fun to be in the Guinness book. Better than sitting here editing all weekend:(

I need to contact Guinness.

Here´s a 7 min segment from the episode.

You can also watch the rest of their shows here:

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