Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Stuff

A few days ago I went to Kiruna with my dad when he got a taxi order at midnight. It´s 350km one way and there´s one city in between here and there, so pretty deserted. We had like 5 min to prepare for it too and since nothing is open (gas stations etc) we had to make food etc.
By 5 in the morning we were on our way back. We took a little detour by The Icehotel in Jukkasajarvi. It was -26 (-15 fahrenheit) and windy there, so cold.
Made it back to Luleå by 9 o´clock, the rest of the day was spent sleeping.

On Friday I went to Kåbdalis with some friends from Piteå. It was fun, good weather but really winter-ish. Not your normal slushy easter riding.
There was an ice fishing contest here as well, check em out in the background.

John borrowed a board for the day and this is what happened. Never seen that happen, ever.

Here´s my move of the day. I´m very proud of it.

Friday night turned into a going out night in Piteå. Saw some familiar faces, it was a good time.Moonshine and mixers.

Saturday was also going out night, ended up in Piteå again and it was a pleasant night. Had a burger at
Sune´s before walking back to my Piteå couch/home at Markus, Marie, Hemi and Siri.

For some reason I ended up on the Piteå party pic page. I only know one of the people in the pic, so I don´t really know how this happened. I do know that my hair looks horrible and that I was barely drunk, although the pic might indicate otherwise :)

Piteå city.

Hope everyone had a great easter.

Oh, here´s a video from a DC party at the Palms in Vegas. Not a shabby hotel room.

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Tomas said...

Ha Ha! Du såg ut att vara i ditt "esse" ute i krogsvängen.