Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Skellefteå weekend.

It was a pleasant weekend in Skellefteå. Hockey game and booze on Saturday. Then some lagging and then some more hockey. Lots of friends are having babies now, happy for them. It´s just a little overwhelming when 50% of the 25-30 year olds have babies at the same time, maybe I was exaggerating a little, more like 45% :)

Drove back to Luleå last night, saw a huge semi on the side of the road.

Easter is coming up, I should fly back to Cali asap. Just need to book that ticket.
Wish things were different.

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Anonymous said...


what is going on? you sound all ominous and sad in your recent posts. is the future getting you that worked up? go back to cali and look up my good friend tim at betaunit/maek gallery. good guy with lots of practical life advice. trust me, i am the anonymous voice from the internet...