Monday, March 10, 2008

Pics from this week, in random order.

This is a new film studio that´s being built in Stockholm. It´s a pretty impressive project. I also like the fact that that have tiny pieces of steel on the facade that they sprayed with horse urin to make it rust.

Here´s another really impressive building project. My friend Vincent´s two story apartment that he´s been working on for years. It´s almost done and it´s sick.
Check out his photography at:

Here´s a dutch skater named Wieger Van Wageningen. He´s now a WESC activist and is spending some time in Sweden. Apparently he´s not skating for Plan B any more. Maybe Enjoi?

MUGG JÄVEL. Means, kind of: Fucking Toilet, Bloody Toilet, Satan´s Can... kind of

Sunset in Göteborg / Gothenburg.

This is the first model house at a new water housing development in Stockholm. Pretty cool project. Spendy houses..

Rainbow in Örebro, aka Pennybridge.

Slussen in Stockholm. Creepy subway/bus station. It´s also the "slut station" for some buses.

By the water in Old Town.

Lake in the northern part of Stockholm. It should probably be frozen this time a year, but it´s been warm for a while.

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