Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So Shaun White wins the olympics..

As most of you know olympic podium hopeful Kevin Pearce is in a coma after snowboard related fall. Now Danny Davis hurt his back and needs to have back surgery and will miss the olympics.. sucha shame. Not only that he injured himself, obviously, but he was my hope for the olympics.

From what I gathered he might have been playing around at the DC Mtn Lab with his friend Elliot on atw´s when they got hurt.
Elliot was also part of the equation when I broke my neck at the Mtn Lab.

So now the odds of White winning the olympics are prolly about 1.05.

Here´s a clip of Danny from the last half pipe contest:


Henke said...

jag har aldrig fattat varför man gör så i en halfpipe när man kan göra såhär:


men så är jag ju också ingenjör.

AJ said...

what is louie vito chopped liver?

jason heyward said...

Im a little surprised that Shaun is competing in the X Games, with the Olympics just a few weeks away. I think the injury potential far outweighs the reward.