Friday, January 01, 2010

Travis jumped a car 270 feet.

Ken had somewhat of a record with his jump that was 100 feet shorter. Ken did it for a Discovery Channel show called Stunt Junkies (hosted by some major tools).

I could go shoot Ken´s jump due to Discovery Channel but he handed me a little dv tape with a bro cam angle and short interview. I uploaded the clip and it had 1 million views in no time. Now it has almost 15 million + a few million on other uploads.. Youtube power.

Here´s Travis´jump:

I know Ken had plans on doing some bag ass jumps, we´ve tried a few times but been turned town by weather etc. I´m sure he´ll beat Travis´ soon.


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Rorie said...

The guy doing the interview is sort of lame. I would love to see this come true. Make it happen...