Sunday, January 03, 2010

I watched this documentary the other day.

It´s about 9/11 and it was pretty damn good.

If you have any interest in knowing how complicated and corrupt that terrorist attack was you should watch this.
If you don´t care then move along to Facebook.

Unfortunately I could only find it in 12 parts on Youtube. Here´s the first one.
The events of 9/11 were tragic, but the aftermath even more tragic. It´s really mindblowing how a government can get away with such poor governing. It´s so sad.

If you don´t want to educate yourself by watching the whole (110-120 min) documentary. Here´s a short trailer:

More about the director and the Loose Change film series, go here:


Anonymous said...

qsbd e ´ kn 00

Anonymous said...

Här är en annan intressant film:

som jag skrev tidigare: Investera i guld.