Thursday, January 07, 2010

It´s cold outside.

That is frost on the inside of our door. -30 outside and +22 inside.

This day it was only -15 and we treated moms cousin and bf from Australia to a bbq. The temperatures where they live never goes below +10.

Aussies on skis. They were a little unstable, but enjoyed the tour behind our house.

Shredding a place called Bygdsiljum around x-mas. This part of Sweden got 1 meter of pow in a weekend. That´s almost as much as the annual snow fall.
Bygdsiljum is a tiny mtn though, around 100 meters I think. We ventured out of bounds and I got caught in a field of rocks. The pow was the fluffiest I´ve been in for years. Lighter than Utah pow. So you went though 70cm right without a problem, which resulted in me hitting my leg pretty hard on a rock. Took a week to recover from, all good now.

This is a street in Skellefteå just hours after it was plowed. Dump of the decade, no contest.

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Anonymous said...

Good shit! That's what I like to see! :)