Thursday, June 26, 2008

Teleporting a trillion trillion atoms.. Why not?

If there was teleportation I would pay a lot to be in Skellefteå right now.

You can only appreciate so many sunny 25 (77 F) degrees days in a row.

I´d like to smell the rain on swedish asphalt, watching Russia play Spain on a big screen at "Stadsfesten" and drink sugar cider on a chilly June evening. That´s what I want right now.

My friend Mathias who lives with me at the moment had falukorv in the freezer. I spotted it and freaked out. Cause you can´t get that sausage in the States. Turns out his mom took it with her when she came to visit last month.

Those slices of falu were incredible. Even better than the bestest of mexican food. And it made me miss sweden even more.

So by now you don´t need to be Sherlock Holmes to understand that I´m homesick. Well home and home.. where is home? Some say it´s where your family is, some say it´s where your work is, some say it´s where your dog is, I say it´s where my toothbrush is. So by those standards I guess we can call my state of mind swedensick (although that does sound kind of negative).

Here are some pics from last few days of skating. Notice the slick feet arrangement in the curb photo, pure precision:)

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