Monday, June 02, 2008

Pow, Palt and Water

Some pow pics from last weekend in Mammoth. I´m still tripping on that we scored pow last week of May.

After shredding it was time for palt, a swedish dish made out of shredded potatoes and flour (preferably barley flour) which you boil for 45 min. You can put ham inside of the balls or serve it on the side.
Serve with lingon berry jam (available at any Ikea), butter and milk.
The combo of shredding and palt is unbeatable.
Here´s a recipe.

Absolutely the best post shredding food. If you eat more than three you´re very likely to get "paltschwimmen" which is an involuntarily nap.

Been in LA for a good week now. Planned to watch some music, but I didn´t make it to any of these concerts:(
Iron Maiden, The Cure, Modest Mouse, REM (not the biggest fan though), The Police, Ladytron, and Mickey Avalon

But I will attend MGMT at the Billabong fashion show on Wednesday! VERY HAPPY about that!

Other than that I´ve just enjoyed the sun and planning some exiting jobs. I´m stoked to see that Sweden has been having some above average temperatures lately.
Here are some stats from from yesterday in Skellefteå
There´s nothing like summer in Sweden.
But it looks like another summer in southern California for me... unless I win the lottery.

We scored another magazine cover from the September New Zealand shoot. Click on the image to see the tiny type.

Here´s a random list of great waters I´ve been enjoying lately.

Arrowhead Mixed Berry. This one ties for best american sparkling water with the Arrowhead Orange flavor.

Pure Cool has a newcomer (also sparkling).
Mojo Cool, with mint/lime taste.

Metro Mint has a great collection of still waters. I was very skeptical to this chocolatemint flavor. But I was pleasantly surprised. I think it will grow on me.

Please watch this video. Such an inspiration.
Og De Souza ladies and gentlemen:


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Anonymous said...

Himmel och pannkaka vilken härlig kille! Ska aldrig mer klaga på att jag inte orkar jogga hamnarna runt... /Th