Friday, June 06, 2008

Red Wings Win!

Amazing game. The 3-1 and 3-2 goals were intense. Stoked for the people in Detroit and anyone in Sweden who still tunes in to hockey in June.

Right after the game I went to LA to meet up with some friends and go to a MGMT concert.
This Level bottle didn´t last too long. Look at the price! For the same amount of one drink at home I get 0.75 liters of vodka here.
Last time I checked the communist liquor stores in Sweden they didn´t even carry this vodka. And they are supposed to have "the greatest selection of alcohol". Sure, they don´t have Level vodka and they don´t have Coors Light and they defiantly don´t have any low carb wine coolers.
Please bury the state liquor stores NOW!

From what I remember I had a fun night. Except the part were this bitch took my hat and threw it in the crowd. I hope she got karma'd.

Recognize her? If so, tell her she´s an idiot.

Decent sized bottles of hangover.

Found this sweet shirt at a vintage t-shirt store. Sucks it was too small. And a bargain at $38.

I walked up and down Melrose/Fairfax in LA yesterday, like a zombie.
Strolled through the DC and Burton store, they were both very impressive.

Oh, just realized it´s Sweden´s national day. But swedes don´t celebrate it, well not yet at least. Maybe in a few years.
I leave the celebrating to the norwegians on May 16/17th and the americans on July 4th.
Nevertheless... here´s a clip of beautiful Sweden:

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