Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Football, anniversary and slideshow

So Sweden won over Greece (Greece means pig in swedish) yesterday. That was fun.

Now they´re playing Spain on Saturday, pretty exited about that.

Been hangin at Hjalle´s in LA. Met some friends and even drank wine yesterday (a sweet rioja).

Since I´ve been hooked on MGMT for a few months now and they don´t have a music video for their song "Kids" I made my own yesterday.
I just took as many photos from my iphoto as there were seconds in the song + a few sec of video from their concert last week.

So here are some of my favorite moments to my (current) favorite song "Kids"

iphotos from pierre wikberg on Vimeo.

Oh the anniversary.. It´s been one year since I took the tumor out. And it´s my dad´s birthday.
Arnold "The Governator" Schwarzenegger does NOT have a tumor. If you don´t believe me look here:

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Anonymous said...

Äntligen en video till MGMT! Nice! Men vem är hon som fick dig att dricka rioja?! :)/Th