Monday, June 09, 2008

The ONLY phone to beat the iphone!

If this version doesn´t have built in ichat someone will have to get beaten. Although it doesn´t look like it has it! At least not built in..
Like how could my T-Mobile Sidekick from 2003 have ichat, and it worked perfect too, but not the iphone or iphone 3g?

If we landed on the moon 40 years ago (some say we didn´t, read about that here and here), why can´t
I have ichat integrated in my iphone?
And still only a 2 mega pixel camera.. and no FM tuner... hmmm, last I checked it was 2008, not 2003.

But even if this awesome piece of technology still
doesn´t have the ichat application or a good camera my question to the world is still..:
Why do "normal" people buy PC´s? I´m serious.., why?
You want to use the internet, you want to organize your music and photos.. maybe make a little movie once in a blue moon.. and you´re looking to buy a Dell, HP? Why?
Cause they are cheaper? Sure it might be cheaper to buy, but it will last you half the time an Apple will. And you will get viruses + it´s ugly.

Read more about this wonderful, beautiful thing here.

For the record, I don´t have an iphone. But pretty sure I´ll get the 3g one cause this time around you don´t have to commit to paying AT&T for 24 months straight.

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