Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cali trip

So me and sis drove around Cali for a week. Now I´m in SD trying to figure out my future.
Here are some pics from our Cali trip:

My sister turned into my personal Atiba (photographer). This is my old ass at the Truckee park.

This was so cold, seriously, it hurt like walking on shattered glass.

Ski patrol dude with dog on his back.

The roads in Napa Valley / Sonoma are gorgeous. Even though I don´t drink wine (they make most of the wines in Cali here) I love driving around here. I´ve taken this drive many times by myself on the way between Lake Tahoe and San Francisco and it´s great every time.

It would have been fun to skate this spot if a firetruck with douche bags didn´t roll up and said I couldn´t.
Somethimes I wish I had Tony Hawk with me when I get denied to skate a spot.
I mean would they tell him to leave too?
Would you tell Tiger Woods to put his putter back in his car if he walked around your local park putting a ball?

My sister behind the camera again.

Tourist spot, I wore my newly ironed sweater.

Staged shot at the tourist spot.

Big ship and golden bridge.

Sister behind the lens again. I´m posing.

Glass tree.

Anne Leibovitz (really awesome photographer) had an exhibition in SF. Amazing work.

Every time I see great photography it makes me want to become a photographer. And who knows.., maybe I will.

SF houses.

In Pacifica California they have a Taco Bell on the beach!

Seriously! It´s the mother of all Taco Bells, oceanfront patio dining. Amazing.

Two of the lighthouses we stopped by on the drive down from SF to LA. I´ve taken this drive a few times as well and it´s a must see for anyone who´s in the area and haven´t done it. It beautiful.

I´m very into lighthouses. I dream about living in one (part time).. preferably on an island.
Here are two french ones that look awesome, except that they are in France.

This is the view you get if you mow the greens at Pebble Beach.

Tree on a cliff.

Tree which has seen wind before.

Gas on HWY 1 is spendy, but still less than half compared to Europe.

This was taken at Hearst Castle, about 90 miles south of SF. It´s a huge mansion built my WR Hearst in the 20´s and 30´s, during the depression. It cost over $10.000.000 in the 1920´s to build. the story behind the Hearst fortune is as inspiring as the building of this mega mansion.
Learn more here, or here.

Here in his indoor pool the floor was covered with 23.5 carat gold. Well, not the entire floor, but maybe 10% of it.

Packing, and moving... it never seems to end. So many bags and nowhere to put them.


Per-Hampus said...

faan vilka skate skills du har.

Lauren Bryant said...

fine photo skills too. keep at it.