Friday, May 23, 2008

Music and parenting.

Went to see Metallica last weekend. MGMT played at the same festival on the same day, but seven hours earlier. As mush as I love MGMT I couldn´t man up to go to a stadium festival in OC at 2pm on a 95 degree day to see them and then be stuck in there with the OC festival crowd until 11pm...

MGMT played in San Diego the day before, also at a stupid festival. But I wasn´t prepared to spend $100 to see them that day either. My friend is hosting a party in LA soon though where that are playing. I´m going to try and make that party.

Another band that played there were Flogging Molly.The guy on the accordion is Matt Hensley, legendary skateboarder.

But back to the parenting part of this post.
In front of us we had a dad and his, maybe, 6 year old kid. They were rocking out together, singing almost all the songs together. It was awesome to witness. Some might say that who in their right mind brings the kid to a Metallica concert?
But I think it was bonding on a level way higher than any fishing trip.

Here´s a clip of them singing:

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