Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Mammoth Weekend

So I really wanted to go ride some slush. And with Mammoth closing this weekend it was now or never.
Mammoth has had temps over 75 so I was ready to ride in a t-shirt for a day or two.
Mother nature had different plans.
The DeVille had never seen snow before. Let alone in California in late May.

Hjalmar bought a monoski this year and despite some really sketchy first turns he made some very radical maneuvers.

After riding we made "palt" a swedish dish that´s basically a ball made out of potatoes, flour and pork inside of it. Boil for 45 min and eat with lingon berries and butter.

I got paltschwimmen afterwards and passed out on the floor for a few hours. After waking up to Hjalmars farts lingering in the house we´re now heading out for a mojito or two

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