Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No world championship hockey in the United States of Softball

Softball... yeah. ESPN choosed (is that a word?) to show womens college softball instead of Cananda vs Sweden.
Well not only that, they choosed (it´s a word now) to not show any games from the hockey world championships.
I mean.. a final between Canada and Russia?!
How the fuck is it possible to NOT broadcast that in the 50 united states?!
I called around to every sportsbar in town (which can seem kind of looney to watch some meatheads with sticks) and nobody had heard about any world cup hockey...
Here are some responses:
Hockey, what? It´s on now? Even if I had it Kobe is on in 30 minutes so...
-Young woman: What was it again? Canada vs Sweden in world cup hockey?... Let me check.
Oh yes we have it, we have everything.
I called back just before getting in the car for the 15 min drive..
-Same young dumb woman: Yes we still have the game.. duh..
-Me: are you sure..? Cause I don´t want to drive down there in vain.
-Oh I´m sure.
-Can you double check?
2 min goes by..
-Jock-ish sounding male: Eh what did you want to watch?
-Canada vs Sweden. Semi finals in the ongoing world championships.
-Frat dude again: Nah, we don´t have that.
Are you sure it´s on today?...

Stupid bitch. I have zero (or very little) tolerance for incompetent people like that.
I mean if I call to make sure I plan to get the correct answer the first time.
Then I call them back another time cause I was doubting her ability to check the listings or ask her boss only to then discover that they didn´t have the game.... Idiots, mother fucking idiots.
Pretty sure it was this rocket scientist who worked there. Or a close relative.

And you couldn´t watch it on the canadian websites either...

So my friend The Jonk was online and was nice enough to invite me into his and Lisa´s living room.

The quality was surprisingly good. And the commentary was in swedish, so I was happy. Jonk fell asleep towards the end though so my comments on the game became unanswered.

For the Sweden-Finland game I had my dad move their computer to the tv so I could watch it.

The game sucked and I lost a breakfast to my cocky finnish friend Jussi.
But I´m pretty sure he owes me for the ´03 game where Finland was up 5-0 and then Sweden won 5-6!

This stuff happens a lot when I´m over here. Even world cup soccer... I remember going to see that in some mexican joint (bar).
And now with the european championships coming up (soccer, or football as 6.7 billion people call it) I´ll have to rely on my swedish friends to turn on their ichat cameras.

The other day it was some intense moments in the LA Lakers - Utah Jazz series. We were at an art show (lisasolberg.com) until the last few minutes of the game.

We made it back to the house just in time to see this:

Jazz were down 3 points and needed to get a 3 pointer in (duh..).
They had 13 seconds to do it. They got two tries!

Here´s a longer version. It was soooooo close. I hate Kobe.., he´s such a primadonna. And Gasol, he´s as whiny as they come.

That was it for sports... until Detroit wins the Stanley Cup.

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corey said...

It's too bad that inconsiderate chick you talked to on the phone wasted your time. They had all the world cup games on here in Canada, even in restaurants. I love my OIlers and went to 15 games this year. I watched the rest on TV.