Sunday, December 16, 2007

Going back to Sweden

I´m still editing like 48 hours before I need to be at the airport. And I haven´t started moving out :)

Fuck. It will be the worst 48 hours ever, again.

Can´t wait for falukorv and palt.

Oh, and the movie is in stores


Frida said...

Välkommen hem snart:-) På fredag tänkte vi ha en glöggkväll hemma hos oss, välkommen! Kram frida

Pa&Ma said...

Pirre kommer att stanna hos MAMMA & PAPPA och syrran till den 25:e december, han vet bara inte om det än. Men sen kommer han säkert på glögg kväll. Han kommer sakert att lamna Lule och fara till alla hans vänner i Skellefte, bara det inte blir hockey, da vill han nog stanna i Lule och se Lulea hockey spela, han ar ju van vid NHL kvalitet, Pa^Ma

Pierre Wikberg said...


nick said...

Pierre, you don't know me but i just had to say that mountain lab 1.5 is amazing. thanks for putting together what in my mind is the shred vid of the season.


Anonymous said...

mtn lab 1.5 is an amazing movie. honestly, its fantastic to watch. but, i have a question. how do you access the secret sections?!