Saturday, December 08, 2007

NYC for a few days.

The purpose of the trip was to show the DC movie to a couple of sales reps, employees, tv people and magazines.

We rented a little bar in SoHo and had a few cocktails.

Other than that I just walked around the city and couldn´t sleep at night. I guess NYC never sleeps, neither did I.
Well actually, I did sleep for 95% of flight there and back.
And yeah, no hockey (Toronto won 2-6).
And from what I can tell there are a few meatheads in Skellefte AIK who could use their neanderthal-ish urge to fight over here. The swedish Elitserie isn´t the NHL. It´s embarrassing enough to see fights in the NHL (not to mention the audience yelling KICK HIS ASS at the top of their lungs). So to see that kind of behavior (after incident fights) in Sweden is embarrassing.

Left sunny San Diego very early in the morning.

The surf was huge the day I left, 16-20 feet. Here are some pictures from Encinitas.
I could see the waves from the plane.

Weather and tv in the cab. And finally you can pay with visa. I heard that all new cabs in NYC are required to be hybrids, nice.

Went to see the Coen bros new movie. It was good, but kinda dull and long (that´s what she said:)
Corey Webster from Thrashin had the lead roll. Here´s the trailer:

View from room.

Ladders and stuff.

Expensive parking rates.

Museum Of Modern Art was closed.. at 5 o´clock! What the fuck?

People watching the DC movie.They had awesome deep fried brownies at this place. Not healthy.

Me and local.

Went to see the Lakai movie around the clock after. Well I saw like 4 parts. Very impressive skating.
When I thought Koston had the last part Guy Mariano´s part comes on. But then Marc Johnson ends it.
I like Mariano´s finesse. He had some sweet body varial stuff to grinds and shit. Marc is cool to watch too.

12.30 on friday.. leaving NYC and the Atlantic Ocean.

3.55 friday. Flying into San Diego and the Pacific Ocean. Two oceans in in the same day.. That´s not bad. Way more oceans than Columbus saw in one day.

San Diego´s airport is in the middle of the city. Crazy set up. What´s also pretty nuts is that it takes about the same time to fly from New York to both San Diego and Stockholm.

Why do people need to lean over the belt when they wait for their bags? I never understood that. The world would be such a better place if everyone just took four steps back and chilled out before getting their precious bags.

Editing some stuff for DC as well as trying to figure out where I´m gonna store all my shit.

Here´s the dvd... so many hours and pain and joy in a small package.

And other priceless Patrik Ekwall moment for you swedes

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