Friday, December 14, 2007

Hampus has a black ass and a new sponsor.

Hampus is his dream car.

Todd using his left arm.
Trying to throw like Rosie O´Donnel.

I don´t want to become a snowboard gossip dude. But these news were too good not to share with the world.

Hampus landed on his ass in Italy and broke his back, completely lame obviously.

He also just signed with my 12-years-fifty friend Todd Richard´s company O-Matic. Completely un lame.

I wish them luck with their partnership (yes it´s allowed for two dudes to join "partnership" in Todd´s home state of Massachusetts). Pretty sure that´s why he keeps a PO box over there.

Now they can share Audi tuning tips with each other on team trips.
Both are pretty good at passing time with "would-you-rather" scenarios. Although Todd have to lay the Rosie O`Donnel ones to rest, getting old.

Good match guys. Stoked for you.

Here´s the press release:,21214,1694561,00.html

Oh and DC opened a new store in LA today, on Melrose. Very nice.

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Maggie said...

damn that store looks swaaaanky.