Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Snowboarder Mag is in stores

Well, it´s been out for a few weeks here in the US (should be out in Sweden in a week or so).. anyway.. I have a couple of pages in it where I talk about
things that happened this past season. Pretty average reading really..

My boss has the cover from our NZ trip in september + there´s like posters and 4 other pics
in the magazine.

You should go get a copy.

I know I wrote about this a month or so ago, but the mag wasn´t out then.

Here´s the cover

Here is Eddie talking about the rally car jump. There´s a dumb commercial for like 10 sec before the real clip starts to play.
The embed version didn´t work... so here´s the url link:

Here´s a funny clip of Fredrik & Filip from swedish tv.

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