Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Insane Snowboarding from 1968!

Two dudes riding snurfers in the 60´s! Are you kidding me? So sick.


Rodd Tobins said...

This should be required viewing for kids these days. What great style they had.

Jake Sorensen said...

My name is Jake Sorensen. I am a professional film producer as well as the editor and son of the man in the bowler hat. I made this film for a olympic park musuem in Park City Utah and then posted it on you tube. It is something that most people have never seen before.

Pierre Wikberg said...

Hi Jake.

This was such an awesome clip.

I´m also a filmmaker and I´ve been around snowboarding for 20 years but I had never seen snowboarding from the 60´s before.

So happy you posted it on the Tube.


Rodd Tobins said...

Here, here!
I agree.

Did you ever come across those shots of Travis Parker riding that Lib Tech out at the DC Mountain Lab?

Al.O. said...

Nice blog.

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