Wednesday, June 17, 2009

At least Phuket gets more rain

This weekend is Midsummer Weekend in Sweden and than usually involves vodka, gross fish, games and the company of good friends.

Every other year (about) it also involves rain.

And that´s what the forecast is sayin..

I love that they put Phuket, Thailand, on there. Like it´s part of Sweden.
For those of you who haven´t been to Sweden.., Phuket is very much part of Sweden, except it´s 20 hours away by plane.
I´ve never been there, but I think the majority of Swedes have. And to those Swedes that are there:
You´re getting rain too!

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eric ö said...


orkade inte leta reda på din mailadress så jag skriver här istället:

Måste ändå säga att jag blev förvånad över skillnaden.
Trodde digi hade kommit iaf lite längre vad gäller omfång.