Monday, June 29, 2009

Extreme Little Saturday

Jussi Oksanen swung by Stockholm for a WESC dinner/party. He also got squeezed in some flips and barefoot wall rides.

I like the fact that Jussi even came up with sliding on his feet to a dive. Snow/skateboarders have a tendency to come up with creative ways to play, both on and off the job.
I have a hard time imagining a FIS skier (for example), or alpine snowboarder.. coming up with something like this.
Not saying it was a groundbreaking idea, but it just shows a different way of thinking. If you don´t understand what I`m getting at you probably don´t snow/skateboard.

Vince did an extreme bs 7 tailgrab and Simon guinea pigged the extreme drop. Rolf made extreme food.

Extreme Archipelago from pierretube on Vimeo.

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