Tuesday, February 02, 2010

You tell me.

How a tool like John Brenkus gets to be on tv with a clip like this one? Let alone drive a BMW 7-series to work.

Can you find a more pathetic clip about the evolution of snowboarding online I´ll give you a hug.
And this footage was still shot by talented filmers in the know, but Espn literally killed the footage with their direction, narration and editing. And the worst part is that they love it and will continue to do this.
The end sentence is the best:
The corkscrew has the same shape as the double helix, so maybe Shain was born to do this because it´s in his dna.

I had to tag it like they did "sport science" and "sports science".. really. They will get traffic by using those words?

I´m not against Shaun even if I posted three posts with him. He´s just in the spotlight this week.
X-Games tend to turn up my bloggin frequency.

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Kale said...

That might be the worst thing I have ever seen!