Monday, February 22, 2010

Good article about why the Olympics are lame.

Yes I´m still exited about the hockey games, but that´s because I turn into a Neanderthal like everyone else for 2 hours and I choose not to think about how dumb is it so be a patriot and I also obviously ignore how corrupt the Olympics are, no joy if you dwell on that.
It´s like when you´re here in the US. I can´t enjoy it here if I think about how fucked this country is. I just close my eyes, eat my mexican food, drive a truck, consume toys and live in my little bubble. If you start thinking about being solidaric, compassionate and saving the world from greed you can´t hang out here.
So yeah, that´s why I like the hockey games in the Olympics.



Tomas, said...

Bra läsning!

Kale said...

except that the Olympics didn't even show the USA vs Canada match yesterday. WTF?

Pierre Wikberg said...

I heard they did. But with twice as many commercials as any other country of course.

NBC doesn´t want the public to see anything where the US might lose. That´s pretty obvious to anyone who´s seen an American broadcast and a European one, for example.

BW said...

I don't know about all of this Pierre.

Your scorn for the US seems really pretty excessive. Especially when you consider everything you've personally, as well as professionally, gained from both the citizens and the actual land of the country itself (if you feel this assessment inaccurate, temper the following criticism accordingly). But this fact alone I think demonstrates how hugely unfair, and uneven you're being when you project such a holier than thou, above it all attitude and overt disdain for such a place. And what's even more mystifying for me anyway, is that in your next sentence you acknowledge your own hypocrisy and willingness to overlook and even partake in the American culture of "greed and excess" which you so haughtily despise.

Am I wrong to think that just on a primitively intuitive level this is the worst kind of xenophobia? Worse than even that of those churlish American rubes who bash other countries for the simple fact that they know nothing about them, and in all likelihood will never be as lucky as you, and even have the opportunity to challenge their own preconceived perceptions by exploring the world. Maybe I'm wrong.

But honestly I think it is disrespectful to people like me, people who have really loved your work for a long time and who can appreciate that it comes from a foreign perspective, but are at the same time still proud of where they come from and get irked when it is showered with blanket, substantially unfounded, and maddeningly hypocritical denigration.

Having just gotten back from my first ever four month stay in Europe, I can't even imagine harboring such unsympathetic feelings and contempt for any of places I was so unfairly lucky -- in many ways simply because I was born in America -- to get to visit.

I honestly just can't understand your general point of view here. I hope you'll rethink things somewhat, because I am honestly a fan, and I really, I just don't understand.

Reunite Robot Food.

Anonymous said...
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Pierre Wikberg said...

There were a lot of words in there which I couldn´t fully understand.
But if you´re getting to that I´m bashing on the American society you are correct. I do the same about Sweden and any other culture I´ve encountered as well as point out each cultures awesomeness. But I couldn´t fully get what you mean specifically so I can´t make a good response.

If this has to do with the Olympics and / or NBC´s broadcast (or lack thereof) I don´t know what to add to the subject.

I have some great American friends, as well as Swedish, Austrian, Norwegian, Finnish, Canadian, French etc. All these countries are awesome and I´m not bashing (being unfair) the US like I don´t know what I´m talking about (if that´s what you were getting at?).
And don´t know how I´m partaking in "greed and excess".
And what did you mean by being "lucky as me"?

Sorry for all the question marks, but your writing is too academic for me to comprehend.

I don´t see how I´m disrespectful to you? I would like to know why you feel that way. I´m down to better myself, but I need to know how you felt disrespected.

Please tell me specifically how I have unsympathetic feeling for the US or any other country.

Anonymous said...

boom goes the dynamite

Anonymous said...

My shit don't stink said Pierre