Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Olympics in the USA.

I might have mentioned this before but the Olympic broadcasting in the US is very lame.
When Phelps won 8 golds and the media here sent the news out live the public went nuts.
They didn´t want to hear what´s happening in China when they are at work.

When Shaun won in 2006 they broadcasted the final half a day after he won. With American flags blowing in the wind (in slow motion I might add, hahaha).
You think Americans opposed to this edited and directed broadcast. No, they think that´s the way it´s supposed to be.

For a Swede the Olympics is live even if it´s 8 hours ahead or 9 hours behind. We set out alarms to watch hockey at 4.30 if we have to.

This year you can watch 3-6 live channels on the Swedish tv website AS WELL as on your iPhone.
Compare lying in your cabin in the boonies or maybe you´re on a bus (which has wifi and 3G obviously) and you can watch 6 channels of live feed on your iPhone to sitting in Los Angeles waiting for NBC to edit the Vonn, White or Jacobellis race to the people at home can watch the patriotic (yes I know the Olympics is all about patriotism, but in the US they take it to another level) version they edited for you.

Here´s some screen grabs from my friend Espen´s FB page.


Konrad said...

Själv ser man det t.o.m live via iPhonen när man gör käk, SVT vet hur man gör TV http://www.conne.nu/os.jpg

Kale said...

I completely agree with your statements here Pierre. I watched for an hour on monday and felt like I saw 15 minutes worth of recap footage and 45 minutes of commercials and Bob Costas talking bull shit. I was talking to people about how in other countries you can watch it 24 hours a day live. I just got blank stares back like they couldn't comprehend this.

Kale said...

Oh, and I saw an awesome USA Olympic sanctioned t-shirt at Target tonight with a big picture of a snowboarder doing a tindy. You would have loved it.

Pierre Wikberg said...

Picture please Kale.

If you would have Facebook you could have witnessed more rants.

Yeah, the American public is stupid for not demanding to see the Olympics live. Especially when there´s no time difference.

I tried to log onto nbc.com to hear Todd talk on the "live" re run... but you need to log in with your Cox etc id and shit... so lame. And that´s after i installed Microsoft Silver Light.. or some bull shit.
God this country is fucked.

Chunk said...

How about the all the close ups of the USA womens team after Torahs victory. Hardly any coverage of her celebration at all, Lame

John said...

i completely agree with what you have said-it's a curse moving over here from the e.u.; the media is a joke through and though out.