Sunday, August 16, 2009

Really?! Buy a truck and you get an AK-47?!

These two clips basically tell the same story, but I had to watch both of them to make sure this car dealer dude was for real.

His motto for selling cars is "God, Guns, Guts and American Pick-Up Trucks". Really?!

When he talks about God in the CNN clip is just plain scary. I don´t see him being any more fit to walk the streets or being able to vote in public elections than most convicted felons. Yes I know that was a huge generalization of christians and felons, but you catch my drift.
When someone clings to God like this they are, in my book, insane.

I´m almost speechless, really... Did he just say Jesus would carry a sword if he had to because they didn´t have guns back when he, supposedly, lived?

And if you care to read the comments on the CNN clip.. wow. Just wow.
The comments on this Swedish website differ a little bit from the American ones..

Only in America.


yanis said...

what’s so bad about people upholding our constitution? it is our right to own guns and obama wants to take that right away. if you don’t like America stay in Sweden you socialist fuck.

AJ said...
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AJ said...

yahweh would want us to shoot each other. thor would want us to use a hammer and zeus would prefer lightning bolts. the theologian/car salesman is right when he said the crazy sword carrying white jesus would kill everything in sight. jah bless america.

Pierre Wikberg said...

I am staying in Sweden.
Since you can't see what I consider is very wrong/weird/upsetting with this guy we obviously don't need to get into our pov's.

I like how you use socialist is such a derogatory way.
Shows an interesting perspective.

SeeZ said...

Did someone say, ignorant redneck??

Owen said...

I don't even know where to start...

All I can say is WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!! People do not need fucking guns. And I like how some people add the word god into anything to make others think its the right thing to do or that its some sort of good thing.
No wonder why there's so much fucking Violence in this world because everyones too fucking worried about protection that they just end up killing each other.

yanis said...

Socialism is right behind communism when it comes to oppressing people. Capitalism allows everyone the “chance” for success. I say “chance” because yes, some people will not be successful but many will. The bottom line is that in a socialist state many people will simple live off what others provide for them, and do little to better them selves.

Anonymous said...

i love how all the swedes are pissed off at violence when their own country was home to some of the most violent and hateful humans to ever exist on this planet, the fucking VIKINGS.

Pierre Wikberg said...

Yes vikings weren´t very humble.
But then again Scandos didn´t take claim a continent 200+ years ago and then went to Africa to bring slaves to work for them and treat them like 3rd class citizens for hundreds of years.

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