Thursday, August 27, 2009

360 degree interactive clips, is nice.

I´ve seen some commercials where the stitch shots together to make the 360 degrees, like this commercial for Cyprus (I love Youtube).

But since people´s media habits have changes quite a bit in the past 5 years or so I feel that this camera rig from Yellowbird is pretty fitting for web watching.
I´d love to try it out, been thinking about some 360 degree shots ever since I saw that Cyprus commercial a few years ago.

So watch this clip and drag the mouse around, pretty awesome. And the music in this clip, AMAZING! I love Eric Prydz. Went to see him a little while back, insane.

Don´t forget that Red Bull has a very similar camera rig (I blogged about that a year or so ago). I wouldn´t mind taking it for a spin, pretty sure I could come up with some good shots.

Check out a few different clips with the Red Bull 360 cam here (movie your mouse around the flash video).


Pat said...

At the US open of surfing last month, Red Bull had a booth set up with custom goggles with motion sensors, so it let you really look around inside of the wave, so sick!

panorama virtual tour said...

Great clips!!

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