Saturday, August 08, 2009

How to not run a contest.

The X-Games is a crazy event, on many levels.

Read what Chris Nieratkos thinks about the event and the people behind it.

Here´s an except:
And so it happens that this past weekend Grandpa Bostick (head of the World Cup of skateboarding) made a dickhead move that showed his age and pissed me off to no end: he wouldn’t let young Alex Olson skate in the Park Contest because he was ten minutes late due to LA traffic. The contest had just started, they were only into the first heat and he flat-out refused to fit Alex in. I wonder which side he was rooting for back when Hitler was defeated, because this is fucking skateboarding. It’s not meant to be taken that seriously. There are no rules and there’s no fucking clock on the wall. (Maybe he’s just a little sour that Alex’s dad, Steve, who is also pushing senior citizen status, is a whole lot cooler.)

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