Tuesday, August 05, 2008

X-Games 2008 Pics

He escaped!
My facial expression was too weird, added some Ray Ban's.

LA buildings.

Chad Bartie in the bowl.

Big jump.

DC rented the entire hotel. Free booze (headache) and breakfast on the roof are two sweet ingredients for having a great stay.

It was 35 degrees every day, not sweet.

Renee Renee with Danny's silver medal from the mega ramp comp.

Paul Rodriguez got 2nd place in street. That check + the $100.000 one he won a few weeks ago will make him smile for a while.

Some extreme dude with wheels under his shoes.

Chad Kagy 10 min before he won gold on the mega ramp.

White Slipper on huge rims.

That's a food menu.

Lotsa road time in LA.

Moto film angle.

Free Taco Bell in the lounge! Are you kidding me?! I ate there at least twice a day.

3D RED camera set up. Saw some shots of it, looked cool for 30 sec. Then it gets sorta old.

Now I'm off to North Carolina for a few days. Later.

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