Thursday, August 07, 2008

North Carolina

I'm still without a computer, but I go these shot from my fellow DC Shoes photographer Nate Christenson.

There will be more pics in a few days. Tonight will be party night in Greenville, tomorrow I'm driving up to the capital with some friends, then flying from there to San Diego. Loooong day.

Saturday is going away party day at my house. Then Sweden, which I can't wait for.

Me in a foam pit, awesome stuff.


Me+DC PK Ripper+Dave Mirra's warehouse = Not Lame.

Dave doing some sweet slides for me. I'm making art right there.

Thanks Nate for the pics. And don't forget to watch the rally car clips of Ken and Travis in the post below. They took more than half a year to make!

Ok, 2.5 hours of sleep until the 5 hour drive (before the the flight from DC-Las Vegas-San Diego).. yiiikes.


Oh yeag, please watch these clips of Danny Way and Travis Pastrana/Colin McRae from last weeks X-Games. Great pieces. Made my eyes water... Seriously, great clips. I swear.

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konrad said...

asså du har alltså hojat på mirras DC PK Ripper i hans warehouse!! ändå att jag just blev lite sotis....