Thursday, August 21, 2008

Clips from Maloof Money Cup

They are a few weeks old, but I sorta forgot about them...

No this is not a rendering, it´s the street course they built for the 3 day competition.

The skaters rode five sections of the best street course ever built. Here are two of those sections.

The first clip is from the first section of the finals. It´s unedited, so it´s 10 min long. I wanted to keep it unaltered so you, the viewer, could see how amazingly consistent these skaters are.

I wasn´t even going to film this, but my camera eye started twitching when I started to see all the guys warm up, so you´ll have to look past the less than perfect camera work.

Paul Rodriguez won $100.000 + probably another $100.000 from his sponsors.
The Maloof Brothers gave away close to $500.000 to the skaters this day. Add to that a few hundred thousand dollars for building the skate plaza and vert ramp. Such a shame they had to tear it down the day after...

Music in the first clip from the 80´s skate film "Thrashin".

Maloof Money Cup Final - Section 1/5 from pierre on Vimeo.

In the second clip John Lennon´s "Watching the Wheels Go Round & Round"

Maloof Money Cup Final - Section 4/5 from pierre on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

THose are some SICK clips pierre!

niklas said...

The song is by Meat Loaf.