Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mastering movie and Chicago premier

Long hours.. I dont recommend staying up for more than 24 hours.. You get kind of dizzy and dumb after that. Combine that with needing to be focused for another 8 hours..

I can eat panang curry and Thai ice tea every day.

Chicago views.

Warren Miller seems to make movies still... and they have ads all over the city for their premiers. I never understood who goes to these things.

The stupid museum closed at 4pm! I obviously showed up after that... what museum closes before a bank?
Holiday Inn, classy.



Maggie said...

i remember seeing that ad in the red eye a few days ago, i stared at it for like 5 minutes and i couldn't understand what it was promoting. don't think it even mentioned that it was a film. lame.

wish i could have made it to your premiere though.

Pierre Wikberg said...

It was a pretty weird premier. Oh well, a couple of hundred people showed up, maybe 500.. but yeah.., it was in a suburb with little or no marketing for it.

Thew said...

I'm pretty stoked on this movie
i really cannot wait for it to come out

pee ess...when are we gona get a robot food box set?