Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A quick million, the american way.

Why would you sue Apple for lowering the price on one of their products?

A New York woman is so angry at Apple Inc. for lopping $200 off the price of the iPhone that she's filed a lawsuit seeking $1 million in damages.

pple lowered the iPhone's price on Sept. 5 and also said it would stop selling the $499 4-gigabyte model. Hundreds of early customers who paid full price didn't expect a reduction so soon and complained.

Apple issued an apology the next day. Under its return policy, Apple refunded the $200 difference for those who bought the phone within 14 days of the reduction. And in a move to make peace with those who purchased the higher-priced phone before that period, the company offered a $100 credit at Apple stores.

Full strory:

In swedish news:
Dongmei Li från Queens i New York köpte en Iphone med fyra gigabyte i juli i år för 499 dollar. När Apple senare sänkte priset på den nyare versionen med åtta gigabyte från 599 till 399 dollar skapade det ramaskrin bland de kunder som köpt till det högre priset.
Men en som fortfarande inte är nöjd är Dongmei Li som hade köpt en Iphone med bara fyra megabytes. Hon menar att även hon hade drabbats av prissänkningen på den senare modellen. Eftersom det nu går att köpa en bättre version för 399 dollar kan hon inte längre sälja sin Iphone med vinst.

Hela skiten:

So yeah. Should I sure Apple too because I bought an ipod 2 weeks before the touch ipod came out?

I say sue those dumbass consumers for even thinking about sueing. Put them on the streets. Fucking morons.

Ok, back to work.

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