Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Picture This

I´ve been editing a lot. Check out my fingers.

It´s crunch time now. So many loose ends now... I hope to be done soon, real soon.

Damn, it´s tuesday night and I just realized that I missed Prison Break yesterday... lame.

I did watch the The Star Wars / Family Guy episode though. Oh my lord! Funniest shit ever. So good.

Went skating for an hour the other day too. It was fun. It´s been like a year since I tried to flip my board.
I can´t believe I haven´t surfed or skated this summer. I´m such an idiot.

Hopefully the teaser song will get approved soon... I´m also keeping my fingers crossed for some of the songs in the movie. I have a few that are pending.. this shit takes forever.

The ulcer is growing..

Me, Jake and some DC boarders. Going over their tweaks.


Bendik (NO) said...

Keep up the good work!

Hei Pierre!

Digger arbeidet ditt og det du produserer! Ser virkelig frem til neste film!
Fet blogg forresten... En av dagens høydare!

Lauren is a Bryant said...

yowza those thumbs looks sore. Best of luck finishing up Pierre!!

Michael said...

Check this out if you missed prisonbreak:

Hope it helps,

ps. You produce some of the most amazing videos in the snowboard industry in my opinion; hope you get the new film cleared/done asap. Word.

66jzmstr said...

Your hardwork is much appreciated. The best snow films of the last five years or so have come from your hands. Hopefully all the soundtrack is cleared sooner than later, but I'll wait for forever for this DVD if need be.

Best of luck, Pierre!