Saturday, October 13, 2007


My food habit theses days = 10 diet sodas a day and one or two microwave meals).
18 hours again in front of the computer screen.. This is like the 14th day straight. My eyes gave me a headache and they are red. Probably not the smartest thing since I had lasik two weeks ago.

I just unpacked half my stuff from New Zealand and my room looks like, fuck I dont´t know, like hell I guess.

Where did the summer go?

I have no memory of this last week. Been in the same chair since saturday. I do remember friday though. I loved friday.

All swedes in southern California loved last friday.

I´m going on a long trip when I´m done. Who wants to come?

Bali, Japan, Sweden, San Fran, Vancouver, Cabo, Kauai?.. I`m there.

Hopefully the next post will be a little happier.

I´m getting some friends to come over from Skellefte though. That will be nice.



Markie Wan Kenobi said...

Reality Check dude - you have a sweet ass life.

Get out tomorrow morning early - open your new eyes and watch the sun rise!

Mikey. said...

I know how you feel. When i came down to cali to do some editing, i didn't think i'd be here until it snowed, where did summer go is right, i feel like today was the first time i saw the sun all summer

Lauren is a Bryant said...

count me out. Canucks like myself have to work year-round...but if you and crew stopover in Raincouver, hit a sista up and we'll chow some sushi and pet some dogs and board some snow.

Andreas said...

Du ar valkommen till Dubai for att ta det helt chill om det kanns ratt. Let me know,