Saturday, September 01, 2007

New Zealand tomorrow. So why pack and work when you can update your blog?

So to calm down this afternoon I went and got a bunch of sushi, walked to the beach and watched the surfers rip it up in the sunset. It felt nice. I wish I took advantage of going down there more. I spotted a train of dolphins too, like 10 of them.
Hopefully I´ll be able to surf when I come back. But I doubt it.

This is what my trunk looked like yesterday.
New skateboard (like I´ll have time to skate in NZ, but I need one to film Eddie and Todd), new Mac Pro, 5 Panasonic Lumix cameras, 2 hard drives (I love the new pocket drive I got, 200 GB at the size on 2 cig packs and powers from the laptop!) and new laptop battery. Now I have about 5 hours of battery time to edit with on the plane.
And there´s nothing that makes time fly (literally) like being able to edit on a plane. It rareley happens, but when I´m able too it´s great feeling.

Add Sony PSP, Nintendo Game Boy, video ipod, book (yeah right) and 5 years of TV shows on dvd, plus a business (only took 8 hours, an ulcer and 500$ to score a better seat.., was it worth it? No) seat for 14 hours to Sydney. I´m in for quite the flight. All these toys still won´t be enough for Mr letter combination himself (Todd).
Odds are I´ll just pass out on some valaria root (herbal sleeping pill) and don´t remember a minute of the flight. That´s what usually happens when I get a business seat. Either that or I give the seat to a two-timing girlfriend while I take her coach seat.

I just realized how many cameras are in mine and Jake´s possesion.
I counted 20 cameras. That´s alot. Even a japanese journalist would be impressed.

How do people open these plastic packages? Why does a memorystick, dvd, camera battery etc need to be sealed like it needs to survive a nuclear attack?
Fort Knox would be easier to break into.

This is where the magic happens.

My spot. Notice the Kevin Staab pro model finger skate. Yes I skateboard with my fingers, and yes I´m turning 40 in 10 years.

I´ll try and post some stuff from NZ.

Den här är humor:
Wussy Skater Fight - Watch more free videos


Hannes said...

Haha! Varför slår knubbisen skataren?
Har en fråga till, vad heter modellen på skärmen du har?

Hälsningar, Hannes

Anonymous said...

hahaha inget roligare än en grinig ful unge på 15 år :)

Lauren is a Bryant said...

Encinitas? How I miss those steps...