Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So I finally lasered my eyes

After 15 years or something of contact lenses and glasses I am free.

Got lasik on saturday and it feels great. Maybe the best felling I´ve had in a long, long time.

I´ve been so nervous, for what? Nothing.

It took like 10 minutes. Didn´t feel a thing. So if anyone out there is thinking about it, let me tell you: There´s nothing to think about.

I guess it was a little too bright for me on the way home.

Here are some random pics from the last weeks:

After NZ I stayed in LA to transfer film. It was hectic. Driving 5 hours a day around LA for two days straight and then transfer for a good five hour session.
Good thing my radio and gps didn´t work in my first car. So I had to swap rentals too. I need radio. I love listening to Tom Leykis in the afternoons. He´s the biggest male shovenist in the world. He´s got a very entertining show. Check him out at

First car.

Bag with stuff in it (still haven´t un packed it)

Second car.

Second car with a parking ticket on it an hour later.

Straight off the plane from New Zealand. What do you do? You rent a Cadillac and go to Taco Bell. Now that´s living. Sorry Sweden, America has some things you don´t. Mmmm, taco supreme...

Witnessed a crash. Here´s some spare part.


Food. This is what I´ve been eating a lot of lately. Almost every day. My blood is probably 1% mercury by now.

My friend Ingemar has been in California for a few weeks now. I had some downtime in LA and we drove around... went shopping a little.

At the film transfer. I´m hyped on the stuff I came back with from NZ. Can´t wait to show it to people.

Went to Disneyland one afternoon. It was great. Been in front of the computer 12-18 hours a day. The movie is coming together though. I´m pretty happy with it.
We´ve been waiting for this one song to clear for a teaser/trailer. Hopefully it goes through really soon. I´m very happy with the trailer too.


I´ve been collecting pee photos for a year now. Here´s a sweet collection.

Then we have poor Britney. And that annoying guy Chris Crocker who´s been crying his heart out on youtube for her. I heard he got his own show on tv or something now. Only in America...

I missed the Family Guy Star Wars episode. And we tivoed it, but it was the wrong episode! Pissed.

Youtube took down all the clips of it too. And I can´t buy it on itunes either. So how does Fox plan for me to see it? I guess illegal download is my only option.

I know most of you people are ok with downloading music and movies. I do it from time to time too. But it is wrong, very wrong.

I do buy more dvd´ and itunes music and tv shows than most people, so I sleep good at night.

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Anonymous said...

i am right there with you pierre. i pay for all my music and DVD's.