Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Zealand September 2007

I just got back to LA today after a 8 day trip to Wanaka New Zealand. And yes I will shave soon. Haven´t had the time to, that´s all.

The guy at customs thought it was awesome that I filmed snowboarding for a living. Odd. He´s like a 60 year old dude who asked if I was down with Tony Hawk and Shaun White! I´m like .. yeah.. Ok, cool! Hahaha.

I could never imagine that being a skater or a snowboarder would get that much recognition. Never.

We worked hard and slept very little. It was a unique shoot. I dropped of 90 min of film today that I´m transfering tomorrow.

I also have some new footage from Chile at home in Encinitas. The next few days should be hectic, very hectic.

Here are some pics from the trip:
(I´m to tired to write captions)

If you look really close you can see the Syndey Opera house.
The showers at this lounge were awesome. Dual showerheads and soooo steamy. Built out of some fancy black rock.. Any airport lounge outside the US makes Red Carpet Club look like a Greyhound bus station. They suck. I never go in there. No internet, no free drinks, no shower, no food. What´s the purpose of an airport lounge if you don´t have that?

This dude made 10$ to take off my snowboard boots. So worth it. I hate taking them off.

The arcitecture in NZ is pretty sick. These houses was just normal houses on our block. Why can´t more people embrace this style of homes? Houses here in Cali looks like crap. I guess it´s good though, it will make my house stick out more, when I build one (which seems to take until 2018).

The driver of this Ford F-450 is obviously handicapped, I mean he´s got the license plate. I recall the driver being very fit and not having any issues walking at all. At least he can park right next to the entrence to the grocery store in his truck that get´s 10 miles to the gallon. That´s about 4 km per liter.

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