Saturday, October 24, 2009

Transworld posted the intro from Mtn Lab 1.5.

This is the intro to Mtn Lab 1.5 (the latest full length movie I worked on).

I've always been a fan of old ski video's from the 80's. This was a tribute to them.

Riding are; Todd Richards, Iikka Bäckström, Lauri Heiskari, Eddie Wall, Torstein Horgmo, Chas Guldemond, Travis Parker, Aaron Biittner and Renee Renee.


Blom said...

Dax att jobba lite nu när förra projektet är på throwback thursday?? ;)

Anonymous said...

ur video is so sick! super funny man!
have u seen this video?
the editing on it is super crazzy! a little much on some things but other things it really make u wonder how they did that on the computer
check it out its pretty cool!

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