Friday, October 30, 2009

Project X.

Project X might be the best / worst name for this project, or any for that matter. But since most of this world doesn't agree with me I guess it's a very fitting name for the endemic Americans out there who loves Nos energy drinks, Ford Mustangs, Papa Roach, NFL football, Black Flys sunglasses and X-Games.

Watch Shaun invent new pipe tricks at his private Red Bull half pipe. Did anyone say recession?

Foam pit being built:

Double flips:

Since Shaun unveiled his new double flips there are 5-10 people who can do them. I'm assuming they didn't have personal pipes with foam pits. But that's usually how it goes. Someone has to be the first one, then people know it's possible and before you know it it's the norm. Just look at backflips on moto bikes and snowmobiles.

I'm betting my money on Shaun winning the olympics. But since the odds of him winning will be 1 to 1.0000002 I won't bet.

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Anonymous said...

Craven learned them the old way:
It's so funny that on Nov. 3 they are unveiling the "new tricks"... something rodeoish maybe?