Saturday, October 10, 2009

New clips I edited for DC.

Here are two new clips I've edited. Well I edited 99.9% of them, one weak clip made it into the Chile edit that I wasn't responsible for. Whoever guesses the clip/trick gets a prize.
Unfortunately the encoding is anything but great. But you kids these days don't really care about that anyway, so no reason to apologize on DC's behalf.
I also heard that they are on auto play... which obviously suck.. I'll ask DC if they can change that.

The first one is from Chile and was filmed by Jaakko Itäaho.
Jaakko, together with Brad Kremer made Picture This, From _ With Love, Follow Me Around, Double Decade and the new Burton 'B' movie. Even though Burton said they made it, which I'm sure they did. I haven't seen it yet but I know it would have been a better movie if Brad and Jaakko would have had final cut. By saying that I guess I'm giving Burton free consultation, like I've done many times before. None of it reached the top though.

I did see the "B" dvd (in a vhs box) at the Burton SoHo store yesterday.

It was actually playing on the projector as well. But for the first time in many years (maybe forever) I had no urge to see it or buy the most expensive (production) snowboard movie of the season. Actually that is not true. The Burton 2006 release "For Right Or Wrong" (you can see the trailer here, after the 20 second corporate commercial) that I'm sure less than 2% of you saw was another release I wasn't eager to buy.

The Burton guys are coming to town in a few days though for the "B" premier so I'll give you a review after that.

Woow, went on a little tangent there.. here's the Chile clip. Also holding the 16mm camera is DC's team suit Sean Lake.

I took down the embedded version because the have annoying auto play. Click on the url links to watch the clips:

Second clip is from Australia and was filmed by Clayton Larson.
Regardless what the title might say. Kimmy Fasani, Raewyn Reid or Lonnie Kauk aren't in the clip.
Clip here:

Hope you like them, they were a fucking struggle to make. Fuck the music industry. Well not the musicians, just the greedy publishers and labels.

There will be some more coming this within the next weeks.

While at the Burton store I walked across the street to the DC store as well. And there they had the Mtn Lab playing in stretched fat mode on the screens, great. You spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of hours (lots of "of" here) and then they destroy your creation in one second by hitting the "fill screen" button on the remote. Great, just great.
Travis looked a little pudgy in this format.


Kale said...

Can you host these somewhere else, like youtube, instead of the shitty streaming, automatic play, DC website. If these things automatically start every time I go to your site I'm gonna be pissed. I can't even tell you if I like them or not because it just skips and won't play through smooth.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I saw the B movie, and it has couple of nice parts like jones's part and guys riding alaska.But as whole it is not good movie. Something is missing from that... It is sad to see that corpo can mess up a good project..

robbiesell said...

The odd clip, I think is the "split-screen" shot.

Pierre Wikberg said...

No, not the split screen.

Pierre said...

Forgot to write that at 2:45 there's a huge snow penis. But it got blurred out.

Cause what would this world be like if I showed Devun's artwork? I mean a penis, in the snow? So inappropriate. There are already 3,500,000,000 of them on the planet, no need for 3,500,000,001.

Tom said...

Bonk audio samples at the end?

Henke said...


Johannes said...

I liked the Chile clip. Was it super-16mm or plain 16mm with crop and also did you do a HD transfer?

Pierre Wikberg said...
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Pierre Wikberg said...

The 16mm was actually transfered to 4:3 in 480 for some reason. Which obviously sucks because you have to zoom in over 200% to cover the width in a HD timeline.
This results in very crappy quality and doesn´t do the 16mm footage justice at all. I was thinking about not even using them, but since the clip will be online in crappy encoding I figured what the hell..

Anonymous said...

the second shot of Aaron Biitner's nose tap, shot from behind you, is the shot you didn't film, right?

Pierre Wikberg said...

I didn´t film any of this. I just edited them.

Except there´s a clip in the OZ section that was thrown in there after I was done. And therefor I´m not endorsing it with my name. Like anyone cares except me... haha